Tips For Talking To Your Senior Parent About Their Final Wishes

June is National Family Month and when you’re focusing on the family it’s a great time to sit down and talk with your senior loved ones about their final wishes. It’s never easy to talk to your senior parent about the type of care they want when they reach the end of their journey or what their final wishes are. But in order to make sure that you’re giving them what they want it’s important to talk about their wishes now, while they can still express to you and your siblings what those wishes are. When you’re ready to start a conversation with your senior loved one about their final wishes these tips can make it easier to get started:

Talk About Home Care Assistance

Home Care South Sacramento, CA: Final Wishes

Home Care South Sacramento, CA: Final Wishes

A good way to bring up the topic is talk about home care assistance with your senior loved one. You can talk about the home care assistance services that your senior parent is already receiving and ask them what kind of care they would like in addition to home care assistance when they become extremely ill or incapacitated. If your senior parent isn’t already receiving home care assistance you can broach the subject by talking about the kind of tasks that home care assistance includes and asking your senior parent what other types of services they would be interested in having. 

Listen Patiently

When it comes to talking with your senior parents about their last wishes the most important think that you can do is listen. Don’t try to interject or push your own feelings into the conversation. Chances are pretty good your senior parent already knows what they want. The best thing you can do is listen to make sure that you understand what they want, and promise that you will make sure they get those things. 

Write Down Their Wishes

While you are talking with your senior loved one about their final wishes and final care plans write everything down. If you wait to write it down later you will most likely forget some of it. Write it all down in a notebook and you can worry about breaking all the tasks up into smaller tasks that you and your siblings can do later on. When you’re with your senior parent just record everything that they want so that you will be sure to fulfill their wishes. 

Make Sure The Whole Family Is On Board

Try to have the entire family attend the meeting even if it’s only through a video call or phone call. That way there won’t be any fighting among the siblings or the rest of the family later on. Everyone should be present to hear your senior loved one say what they their arrangements to be when the time comes. After you write down your senior parent’s final wishes it’s also a good idea to make sure that each sibling gets a copy so that everyone is on the same page about your parent’s wishes.

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