Are There Differences Between IADLs and ADLs?

Everyone talks about using ADLs and IADLs to determine when a parent needs home care. They’re tasks your parents should be able to do independently, but you’re not sure exactly what it means. Are there differences between ADLs and IADLs?

Understanding ADLs

Home Care Lodi, CA: IADLs and ADLs

ADL is the acronym for activities of daily living. These are the things a person does each day for their health and survival. It includes personal hygiene and grooming tasks, getting dressed appropriately, and eating a meal using fingers, forks, knives, and spoons.

Drinking fluids for hydration is one of these tasks. Moving around the home, sitting down, standing up, and getting in and out of bed are ADLs. Knowing when to use the toilet and cleaning up after going to the bathroom is another ADL.

With ADLs, a person can do things necessary for survival. Eating, drinking, and staying sanitary are all critical tasks. They’re the main items covered with ADLs, but other activities are a little more complex but equally important to your well-being. Those are the IADLs.

How IADLs Differ

Instrumental activities of daily living are also crucial to your well-being, but they may not be as vital when it comes to health. As an example of an IADL, there is running errands. Creating a shopping list, going shopping, scheduling prescription refills, and picking items up are all IADLs.

Scheduling appointments with a doctor, hairdresser, dentist, home maintenance contractor, and service provider are all part of IADLs. Seeing the doctor, discussing problems, listening to advice, and taking prescription pills are also part of it.

Planning and preparing meals, keeping the home clean and organized, and driving a car are other IADLs. Being able to use a phone or send an email, pay bills, deposit checks, and maintain a social life are other IADLs.

What Do Your Parents Need for Care?

You can find lists of ADLs and IADLs online. Go through the checklists one at a time make sure you’ve covered their care needs. Things they can do with help are ideal for hiring caregivers to help them maintain independence.

Over time, your parents’ abilities may shift. If they start working with a physical therapist and improve muscle tone and balance, items they were unable to do without help may become easy to manage. Those services can be dropped. Other services may need to be added.

When you better understand the things your parents can do by themselves, you can arrange home care services. Their needs may change over time, but home care is easily adjusted to ensure they have help they need with ADLs and IADLs. Call to learn more.

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