Best Crafts for Seniors with Dementia

Many people have the misconception that seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia don’t do anything or can’t do anything. That is not true. A senior with dementia still needs to keep engaged, have a social engagement, and stick to some kind of routine. Simply put, they need to stay happy too, and one of the best ways to do that is by having activities they can do that help them. Home care assistance can help seniors with dementia by finding activities for them, helping them with their daily routine, and ensuring they stay healthy.

There are now tons of games, crafts, and events that seniors can do with the help of home care assistance. These caregivers can help seniors with dementia handle their daily lives and even do light shopping and errands. This means that craft supplies can easily be ordered or picked up with the help of home care assistance.

Arts and crafts don’t have to be complex, and that’s what makes them great for everyone. It can be easy and creative, allowing a senior with dementia to express themselves. Crafts can also be a good way for home care assistance to get a glimpse at what is going on in the seniors’ mind and may even be a way for them to track certain changes and symptoms as the disease progresses.

Crafts for Seniors with Dementia

Home Care Assistance Natomas, CA: Seniors with Dementia

There are many crafts to choose from, but caregivers will have to find out what a senior can do. Different stages of dementia will come with various challenges. Beginning stages may have an easier time picking up more complex tasks. In contrast, someone in a higher stage may need something easier. Home care assistance can keep an eye on the progression and help come up with new crafts as the disease grows. Try out these arts and crafts with seniors.

Start a Scrapbook

If the senior has tons of stickers, photos, and other things they love around the house, creating a scrapbook can be a fun activity. This may jog memories and emotions that make them feel good about life. They can put this together and, over the years, look through it.

Make Bookmarks

This is not a very hard activity to do, but it is incredibly fun. They can choose to make lace bookmarks or even bookmarks with dried flowers. If the senior has a favorite quote, the home care assistance can help them print it out and use it in their crafts.

Senior Photos for Memory

If you are playing memory games with a senior, a fun twist is to use their own pictures. If they have a photo album, choose their favorite photos and print two copies. Then laminate the copies and use them in the next game of memory.


A senior may not be able to draw, but there is some good news. There are now adult coloring books that a senior can use.

Keep in mind that seniors with dementia may forget things very easily. With any of these activities, they should be watched carefully. This is why having home care assistance can be beneficial. They will ensure the senior stays active while being safe.

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