Can Companion Care Help With Pets?

Companion Care at Home in Sacramento CA

Companion Care at Home in Sacramento CA

You may know that companion care at home is one of the best people to hire for your elderly loved one who is choosing to age in place. But what about your loved one’s pets? Your elderly mom or dad may have a furry companion that helps keep them active whom they love very much. If your senior mom or dad can do 90% of the work on a pet, you may find that companion care at home is more willing to help with animals than you think.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Help With Reminders

Even if your loved one can do everything required to keep a pet, they may forget to do things. Memory can be fickle when you get older. Having someone remind you to do something is all it takes to get it done. Your loved one may need simple reminders to take the dog outside, feed the cats, or pick them up and snuggle their animals daily. Gentle reminders can go a long way to keep the senior feeling happy and independent. Then animals are being taken care of every day.

Provide Transportation

Not all seniors can drive anymore, making them feel stuck and less independent. They may also feel like they can’t do basic things. Activities like take their animals to get groomed or take them to the vet, which is crucial. One of the best things about companion care at home is they can provide non-emergency transportation. This means your loved one can arrange to get them places and still grab fun treats from the store. Your loved one can take a trip with companion care and make a day out of it. Ensuring they get the right food and treats for their furry friends.

Monitor Situations

Pets usually have agendas and don’t think about human safety. This can be dangerous for your loved one. Their pets could leave food in the middle of the walkway or even toys that can be tripped over. Your loved one may be unable to see well, which can be dangerous for them. Luckily, with the right help set up, a caregiver can spot these dangers and then pick them up and move them out of the way before anything bad happens.

Help Set Up Appointments

Sometimes, your seniors may not want to set up appointments, or people can’t understand them over the phone, so they feel they can’t do it. Companion care at home can help your loved one set up and arrange appointments. One of the best things your loved one can do is create a binder full of important information. This binder should contain information like vaccinations, who the vet is, and every medical condition the animal may have. This binder can also hold important grooming details and all phone numbers. This allows a caregiver to easily access the information and schedule appointments to help your elderly loved one. You must ensure you hire a caregiver who has experience in this area and does not mind doing these things for your loved one.

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