Companion Care at Home Keeps Seniors Social

Social Seniors: Companion Care at Home South Sacramento CA

Social Seniors: Companion Care at Home South Sacramento CA

Loneliness is something that millions of seniors are struggling with. Being lonely can have a big impact on a senior’s physical and mental health. The stress of loneliness can increase a senior’s risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. Being lonely can increase the chances that seniors will develop anxiety or depression. Seniors often become lonely after they retire, because for many people, work is their main source of socialization. When seniors no longer have daily social interactions at work, it can cause them to become isolated from the world. Especially if their family and friends live far away. Here are some things that seniors can do to avoid loneliness and make new friends after they retire.

Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home gives seniors the chance to get regular social interaction with someone they trust and enjoy spending time with. When seniors have companion care at home that companion can take them shopping, or to a movie, or out lunch. They also can make sure that seniors get to their hair appointment, massage appointment, or other appointments on time. Or they can just hang out at home talking, sharing meals, or watching movies. Companion care at home is the perfect way for seniors to stay socially connected when they’re aging at home.

Join The Senior Center

Most communities have at least one senior center, even small towns. At the senior center seniors can meet other seniors who have interests in common with them. They can take exercise classes, art classes, and other classes that will provide social interaction and mental enrichment. And going to the senior center will also give them the motivation to get out of the house regularly and connect with the world. Check the schedule for the local senior center and you might be surprised by how many concerts, events, coffees, clubs, and classes are available for seniors to enjoy.


Volunteering is the perfect way for seniors to feel a sense of purpose again like they did when they were working. When seniors join organizations as a volunteer they will have pride in what they’re doing and be able to meet a lot of new people both locally and throughout the country who are connected to that organization. Many seniors find that volunteering gives them exactly the kind of social relationships they need to stay healthy and have fun as they get older.

Get Zooming

Seniors can stay in touch with family and friends who live far away through applications like Zoom which allow video chats for one person or a group. A family Zoom isn’t as good as a family get together in person but it does make it possible for your senior parent and all their kids to connect for a chat or a get together. Seniors can also Zoom with old friends who live far away and may not be able to travel so that they can keep their friendships strong.

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