Explore the Benefits of Home Care Assistance After a Fall

Home Care AssistanceYour dad fell, which isn’t surprising as three million older adults fall each year. What’s more alarming is that one fall doubles your chance of falling again. You need to evaluate what caused your dad’s fall and how you can prevent it from happening again.

Showers and Dressing

Showering is tough after a fall. If your dad fell in the shower, he’s likely to experience some anxiety in the shower. A shower seat can help, but it’s also beneficial to have a caregiver with your dad to help him step in and out of the shower.

Once he’s showered, his caregiver can help him dry off and apply skin lotion if needed. When he’s ready, he can have his caregiver assist with dressing him and putting on and fastening his shoes.

Caregivers can trim his finger and toenails, file the rough edges, and apply cuticle cream. They can help him shave, comb or brush his hair, and dry it if needed.

Oral Care

With a broken wrist, your dad may not be able to brush and floss his teeth properly. His caregiver can brush and floss his teeth for him. If he has a bridge or dentures, his caregiver will help him clean those, too.

Transportation to Appointments

Your dad has appointments with his physical therapist each week, and he can’t drive yet. His caregiver can accompany him to his appointment and wait until he’s done. Then, his caregiver will bring him back home. If he has errands to run before going home, his caregiver will help him complete them.

It’s helpful to have your dad also start looking at taking classes in Yoga or Tai Chi. That helps him build strength and improve balance. While he attends a class, his caregiver can wait for him or run errands and then return to pick him up.

Meals and Snacks

Your dad’s caregiver can prepare all of his meals and snacks. If his doctors determine he has weakened bones due to a lack of calcium intake, his caregiver can make sure he’s drinking a glass of milk each day, having some cottage cheese or yogurt, and getting enough calcium in fortified cereals and juices.

Let Caregivers Tackle Chores That Involve Stairs

Some of the chores your dad needs to do involve steep stairs. This might be how he fell. His caregivers can do these chores for him. Some of these chores include trips downstairs to a laundry room, taking the trash outside, or vacuuming the stairs to upstairs bedrooms.

Don’t let your dad fall again. Home care assistance has the services in place to help your dad avoid additional falls and injuries that can be minimal or very severe. Keep him on his feet with the help of home care assistance.

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