After your mom’s illness or surgical procedure, you plan to provide the care she needs. She wants to return to her bed and bathroom as quickly as possible. You’ll help her with bandage changes, medication management, or whatever else is needed. Can you provide everything she needs, or is it time to address her need for in-home care?

Stop and think about the care that’s needed. In five years, the number of unpaid caregivers rating their health as poor or fair increased by five percent. Almost a quarter of those surveyed said that being an unpaid caregiver worsened their health. It’s not a situation everyone can handle.

Before you take time off work or rearrange your plans, make sure you’re capable of the required care tasks. There may be medications and other care needs that you cannot handle. Wound care isn’t for those with a sensitive stomach. Sometimes, it takes a nurse to administer medications or provide the care required during the healing process.

Medication Administration Needs That Nurses Handle With Ease

Home Health Care Galt, CA: Providing Proper Care

Your mom’s surgery requires careful administration of prescription pain medications. If you mistakenly give a dose too early, it could be dangerous. If you forget a dose, she’ll be in tremendous pain. Some pain medications are delivered via an IV line or injection. Unless you’re trained in IV care or injections, it’s unlikely you can help her, but a home health care nurse can.

If an injection has to be intramuscular, it will not be the same as a subcutaneous (under the skin) insulin injection. If you accidentally injected your dad’s insulin into the muscle, the insulin takes effect faster and won’t last as long. A nurse is trained in IVs and injections, skills you don’t have.

Wound Care Isn’t For Everyone

After surgery, there are often sutures that need special care. There’s bound to be some dried blood and spotting. Not everyone can stand the sight of blood. It’s also hard to determine when swelling is normal and when it’s the sign of an infection. Nurses know what a healing wound should look like.

Think About Other 24-Hour Home Care Services That Help

Consider pairing nurses with home care aides to help with non-medical tasks like housekeeping and laundry. You’ll be able to focus on helping your parents with things they only trust you to handle and have time for your activities, too.

You don’t have to try to do it all. It’s time to call in the pros. Request a consultation with a home health care agency to discuss the many ways home health care nurses and home care aides help with in-home care.

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