Getting a situation resolved for your senior doesn’t often mean that you can just do what you want and then get forgiveness later. This is her life, after all, and you might find that you have to have tough conversations about what happens next. 

Do Some Centering Before You Even Try to Have the Talk

Home Care Fair Oaks, CA: Tough Conversations with Your Senior

Odds are pretty high that if you’re having a tough conversation with your senior, that’s because there’s something going on that you want to get handled. This can mean your own emotions are running pretty high. If they weren’t, this conversation might not be as tough. Do some deep breathing and catalog your emotions before you try to talk to your senior. That can help with your approach.  

Recognize at the Outset that You Might Need to Have More than One Talk 

Hopes are high, of course, that you’ll only have to have this tough talk once. But what if you don’t get everything resolved? It’s highly likely that you’re not going to get everything resolved in one go. If you embrace that now, you won’t be disappointed if and when you table things for a bit. You might want to bring in home care providers, for instance, and she’s not excited. That might be a talk that requires several iterations to iron out the details. 

Watch How Hard You’re Pushing for What You Want 

Usually, these conversations are so difficult because there are big emotions, but also because you usually want to see one solution while your senior wants another. If you’re pushing too hard for what you want to have happen, you may find that causes your senior to resist even more. Weigh your options carefully. 

Keep Your Tone Positive and Really Listen 

Your tone matters more than you might think, too. When you’re able to keep your tone and your attitude positive, that is going to go a long way toward keeping things peaceful. Try to listen to what your senior is saying, even if you’re not happy about it. 

Enlist Help from Her Doctor if You Need To 

When things get really difficult, you might have to reach out for additional help. In your senior’s case, that might mean that you talk with her doctor about what you’re seeing and get a professional opinion. Sometimes your elderly family member might be more willing to listen to her doctor than to you. 

Whatever else is going on, your ultimate goal is to keep your senior as safe and healthy as possible. That sometimes means having these tough talks. 


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