How Does Companion Care at Home Assist With Shopping Trips?

More than 65% of adults aged 65 or older have a physical disability that prevents them from being able to shop on their own. For some, it’s being unable to read prices and labels that makes it impossible. For others, being able to walk around or reach items on higher shelves is impossible.

Your dad’s eye doctor told him to stop driving. He’s losing vision due to an eye disease like glaucoma. Companion care at home is the best way to support him on weekly shopping trips.

Assistance Inventorying His Supplies and Building a List

Companion Care at Home in Galt, CA: Shopping Trips

Companion Care at Home in Galt, CA: Shopping Trips

Before your dad can even go shopping, he needs to go through his kitchen and pantry to see what he needs. His caregiver can help him look at his supplies, dispose of anything that is rancid or past date, and build a shopping list.

Your dad will work with his caregiver to come up with a weekly menu of the meals and snacks he wants to have. Using this menu and the inventory of items he has on hand, a shopping list that ensures he has everything he needs is created for him to use at the store.

Transportation to the Store

Your dad has a caregiver drive him to the store. If he needs help getting a motorized cart, his companion is there. If he can’t get out of the car without a helping hand, he has that too.

If he has multiple stops to make, his caregiver will make sure to stop at each shop he needs. He might want a membership store for bulky items like toilet paper and laundry detergent, but he needs a grocery store for produce and meats. He also needs a pharmacy for his prescription refills. His caregiver makes sure all of his stops are on the list.

Help With Shopping and Payments

When he shops, your dad has a caregiver with him. His caregiver can read labels to him, tell him how much items cost, and help him choose the right items for his needs. His caregiver can help him pick produce that is ripe and not spoiled, and look at meat and seafood to make sure he gets the best cut.

At the checkout, your dad’s caregiver helps him enter his shopper number, if necessary, and choose the payment method. His caregiver also helps him run his card and enter his PIN if needed. He’ll have help bagging his items, carrying them to the car, and bringing them into the house when they’re back.

When your dad no longer dries, you don’t have to be the only person taking him shopping. Hire companion care aides and have caregivers help him plan his shopping list and accompany him on trips to the store. A companion care at home specialist helps you make the arrangements and learn more about the prices.

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