How Home Care Helps with Senior Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention: Home Care Sacramento CA

Fall Prevention: Home Care Sacramento CA

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that falls are the top reason for injury-related deaths and non-fatal injuries that occur in seniors. As seniors age, their sense of balance and coordination starts to deteriorate, leaving them more prone to falls. Thankfully, there are things that loved ones and home care professionals can do to make seniors’ homes safer. The following are some fall prevention tips for seniors organized by each room.

Fall Prevention for the Entryway/Hallway

The entry and hallways are often overlooked in the home’s layout. Still, they are essential spaces when it comes to ensuring safety. In the entryway, home care aids, and loved ones should clear the space of loose shoes, coat racks, accessories, and anything else that decreases flow.

If there is a rug in the entry, it is necessary to ensure it is not only slip resistant but also has a non-slip pad underneath. The one-two punch will give seniors peace of mind and stability.

The same care should be given to the hallways regarding rugs. For both spaces, it’s important to have adequate lighting, including pathway or motion-activated lighting, to help seniors see where they are going in low-light situations.

Living Room Tips and Tricks

Since the living room is where seniors gather with friends and families, the room’s layout is particularly important. Rooms with furniture clustered in the middle of the room might make getting from point A to point B more difficult. And when it comes to furniture, loved ones should discuss paring down the furniture with seniors for better layout options.

Home care professionals can help assess what furniture is used more often. When assessing furniture, consider keeping pieces that help the room stay clean, such as coffee tables or ottomans that have storage. Additionally, cords should be maintained to decrease the risk of falls. Lighting is also essential in this area, as is organization.

Bedroom Fall Prevention

Nightlights or motion-activated lights are also a good idea for the bedroom. This makes sense since seniors often need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It is also important to make sure the bed is at a safe height for seniors. Depending on the situation, loved ones might also consider grab bars or bed rails.

Bedrooms are also spaces where clutter tends to expand. Home care professionals can help seniors declutter regularly to keep issues minimal.

Preventing Falls in the Bathroom

Installing grab bars in the bathroom can help seniors when using the toilet, the shower, or the bath. Non-slip protective measures for the bathtub and shower are also essential. The best scenario for seniors is to have a walk-in shower or bathtub.

Kitchen Safety is Key

In the kitchen, objects used regularly should be within reach. As seniors age, climbing on chairs or stepstools increases their risk of falling. Additionally, seniors should be able to sit when preparing food to eliminate a loss of balance or exhaustion from standing too long. Home care aids can help clean spills quickly, further decreasing the risk of falls.

By implementing these tips and tricks, seniors can lower their risk of falling at home. It is essential for loved ones and the elder care team to assess the home periodically to determine if fall prevention is still in effect.

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