How To Keep a Bedridden Adult Happy

As an adult child, you may worry about your elderly parent’s ability to manage independently if they live alone. And you may worry much more if they’re bedridden and you can no longer help them as much as you want. You want to make your loved one’s life as pleasant and secure as possible, regardless of age. 


Aging in place is a popular option because it allows individuals to maintain their sense of autonomy. This trait is valued by people of all ages. However, the quality of life for seniors who live alone might decline, reducing their level of pleasure. Home care providers can assist in guaranteeing a senior stays up with the quality of their overall health, especially bedridden adults. 


Everyone should do everything possible to have the best life possible, but the elderly have a unique opportunity to show others how to thrive in their golden years. This can be challenging for seniors who cannot move from the bed or have very limited mobility. However, being bedridden doesn’t have to prevent seniors from enjoying the large and tiny moments of daily life. Bedridden elderly people should not feel isolated from the outer world. Here are some activities and ways to keep your senior happy. You can do these with or without the help of home care providers. 

Find Ways To Bring The Outdoors Inside

Home Care Galt, CA: Bedridden Adults

Home Care Galt, CA: Bedridden Adults

Think about the things your loved ones enjoyed doing outside when they were more mobile, then figure out how to perform them indoors. Do they find delight in tending to plants? Get some basic pots, plants, potting soil, and hand tools, and set up a little indoor garden for them. Help your loved one grow flowers or veggies by setting up a table next to their bed or an over-the-bed table. Allow your loved one to continue tending to the plants as they mature. If you plant them in containers, you may easily transfer them from the window to the bedside to aid in managing your loved one’s care.

Encourage Them to Learn New Things Like a Language 

Keeping your loved one’s minds active may help them stay healthy. To make education more enjoyable, including the whole family. You can both start using a language website and then maybe have a conversation when you next visit! 

Have Them Take a New Class From Bed

Is there a skill your friend or a family member has been dying to master? It’s perfect timing right now. Your loved one may take advantage of the social aspect of learning something new by taking an online class alongside others. Find out whether your neighborhood craft shop, elder center, or community college has any online, interactive courses.

Do Puzzles Together

Board games and puzzles may still be enjoyable for your bedridden loved one. Your loved one may improve their social skills by playing games and puzzles with others. Your loved one may maintain social ties by playing games with others from the comfort of their home. Find apps on a tablet that is big enough for them to play. 

Help Them Exercise From Bed

Just because your loved one is bedridden doesn’t suggest exercise isn’t necessary. One of the main worries for bedridden people is disuse syndrome—when physical health decreases due to inactivity. This might involve increasing pain and discomfort and the loss of range of motion and muscle tone.

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