Items You Need to Start Painting With Your Dad

The founder of Doodlewash established World Watercolor Month in 2016. The goal each July is to inspire others to get out watercolor paints and tap into their creative side. Watercolors offer a fun way to connect with your dad. Here are the main items you need to get started painting together in July.

Graphite Pencils and Erasers

Senior Care Sacramento, CA: World Watercolor Month

If your dad plans to sketch what he wants to paint first, he needs a graphite pencil. Choose a pencil that won’t leave dark lines showing through the painting unless he wants to.

To remove lines that your dad doesn’t want to show, he needs a kneaded eraser. Invest in a pencil sharpener that works on the pencils, too.


Watercolor paints come in cakes, pencils, or tubes. Tube paints are going to be more intense. It’s a thick paint you squeeze onto your palette and thin with water.

Cakes are dried blocks of paint that you wet to use. They’re easier to carry around. You have to be careful that you’ve thoroughly rinsed your brush between colors. If you don’t, you could end up mixing colors.

Watercolor pencils are a third choice. Draw the picture with the pencils first. After the drawing is complete, a wet brush brings the color to life.

If you have the money, invest in the three and see which feels best. Everyone has a preference. What works best for you may not be ideal for your dad.


You want a set of brushes. If you and your dad are considering following along with an instructional painting video, you’ll want a mix of brushes. See what the instructor uses in the video. Sometimes, they add extra tools like sea sponges.

Watercolor Paper

Look for a pad of watercolor paper. Your dad wants paper to paint on that won’t become damaged by the wet paint. A thicker paper, such as 300-pound watercolor paper, will withstand more layers of paint than a 90-pound watercolor paper.

Heavier paper is more expensive, however, so balance affordability with the weight. It would help if you also considered where you’re going to paint. If your dad isn’t sitting at a table, he needs a hard surface to secure the paper to.

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