Senior Home Care Can Encourage Your Loved One to Move More

Senior Home Care in Rancho Murieta CAMaybe your elderly mom or dad has chosen to age in place but you are struggling to take care of them or encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. This is when it’s time to think about hiring senior home care who can help encourage your loved one to eat right, move around more, and boost their overall quality of life. But what are good ways to get a senior to move around more? Here are some ways senior home care can help encourage your loved one to move around and get their blood flowing.

Make it Fun

When working out feels like a chore, no one will want to do it. Senior home care can find your elderly mom or dad something fun and seasonal to do. Maybe it’s to go out for a walk in the garden, or do weights in the sun on the patio, or even take a stroll through a local park. Whatever season it is there is going to be something fun for a senior to do that encourages the most movement. You may have a hard time coming up with something to do but senior home care will specialize in this.

Reward It

If your senior loved one has been working on sticking to a workout routine and they meet their goals, it’s time to reward them! When no one has anything fun to work towards it can be boring and they may not stick to their goals. It is so easy to give up when you don’t reward the small things in life. If they meet their walking goal for the week, senior home care can continue to encourage them by giving them fun rewards! Allow the senior to help set the terms and what those rewards will be.

Create an Easy Routine

Often, a senior who chooses to age in place won’t be able to move around a ton. They won’t be able to run marathons and even a walk around the block can be pushing their bodies too much. Senior home care can help evaluate and meet a senior where they are now. They can help create a workout plan that is actually doable and attainable. This means they can do things like garden or apple picking or just using body weight in their living room. Workout routines do not have to be complex and they can be easy for a senior to follow.

Focus on Small Things Every Day

Your senior does not need to workout for three hours a day. Often doing 15 minutes of movement to wake the body up and another 15 during the afternoon can be just as good for a senior. If they aren’t moving at all, this 30-minute split into two sessions can be very beneficial for your loved one. There is nothing wrong with doing smaller routines and fitting them into everyday life. Working out should never be complicated. It should be something enjoyable, attainable, and rewarding. It’s time to figure out what is going to motivate your loved one to stick with a routine.

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