Talking To A Senior Parent About Personal Care

When you start to realize that your senior parent is struggling to take care of themselves it can be difficult to bring up the topic of personal care with them. It’s awkward for everyone involved, and your senior parent may not want to talk about their challenges. But there are some things that you can do to keep the conversation positive and focused on solutions that will help them, like personal care at home. Personal care at home will make sure that your senior loved one is able to safely shower, get dressed, and do other personal tasks. When you’re talk to a parent about personal care use these tips to keep the conversation positive, focused, and less awkward:

Ask What They Need Help With

Personal Care at Home Sacramento, CA: Talking About Personal Care

Personal Care at Home Sacramento, CA: Talking About Personal Care

The best way to talk to your senior loved one about their ability to take care of themselves is just to ask what they need help with in a respectful way. For example, if you notice that your senior parent’s hair is dirty when they used to wash it daily ask if they need some help with washing their hair and what kind of help they would be comfortable with. Ask if they would be more comfortable having a care provider than having you help them. And let them know that that you are willing to help or get them help for whatever they need. 

Make Helpful Suggestions

If your senior loved one is struggling to take care of themselves they don’t need or want pity. But they could use helpful and constructive suggestions. For example, if you can see that your senior parent is having trouble lifting a sweater over their heads ask if they would prefer more button up shirts. Or if you notice that your senior loved one is having trouble brushing their hair ask if they would like to make a hair appointment and get a new hairstyle that would be easier for them to take care of. By offering positive solutions to the problems of personal care you can keep your senior loved one focused on possibilities and not embarrassment. 

Ask If Home Renovations Would Help

One way to approach personal care at home problems is to renovate the home. Maybe your senior loved one would benefit from new flooring that has anti-slip material so they don’t fall in the shower. Or maybe they need a primary bedroom that is closer to the bathroom or that has an ensuite bathroom so that personal care is easier. Be ready to consider some home renovation to accommodate their needs and make personal care easier for them. 

Get Their Input On Personal Care Items

Personal care at home is still the best option for seniors who need help with basic hygiene tasks. But there are also some personal care items that can help seniors with things like getting dressed. Ask your senior loved one if they need items that will help them put on their shoes, or help them put their compression socks in the morning. Get input from them on devices that would help with their mobility and autonomy, then buy those.

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