Uncover the Benefits of OT During Occupational Therapy Month

Occupational therapy is a specialized healthcare service that’s used to help people regain or maintain mobility after a stroke or surgery, when arthritis pain impacts movements, or when you have a chronic health condition like Alzheimer’s or ALS.

April is Occupational Therapy Month and a great time to look at the benefits of OT after your mom’s stroke. Here are the different benefits your mom gains from working with an occupational therapist.

Better Balance

Home Health Care Galt, CA: Occupational Therapy Month

Home Health Care Galt, CA: Occupational Therapy Month

Balance may be impacted by stiff muscles. Working with an occupational therapist helps work out ways to do things without your mom losing her balance. It may mean learning to pick up items with a grabbing tool or using her device to pull on her shoes rather than risk a fall by bending over.


In the beginning, your mom’s ALS diagnosis doesn’t mean she has to stop driving. She may still be okay to drive for now. A certified driving specialist can work with your mom if some adaptive equipment can keep her behind the wheel longer.

Once an occupational therapist knows that it’s not possible for your mom to safely drive, doctors will be advised. Arrange transportation services at that point to make sure she has rides to stores, medical offices, and other area businesses.

Pain Reduction

Generally, ALS isn’t a painful disease. If there is muscle pain from time to time, often due to overexertion. If pain is noticeable, your mom may need over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or pain patches that can help. Muscle strengthening exercises are ideal.

If your mom continues to use her muscles, the risk of painful muscle contracts is reduced. Your mom will learn stretches from her occupational therapist that help her maintain her range of motion in the shoulders, wrists, and fingers. By keeping the muscles strong, it lowers the risk of pain.

Realizing Limits

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease and muscle function will deteriorate. Occupational therapists can help your mom learn how to use her energy so that she never overexerts. If she’s fatigued, she needs to realize when it’s time to stop and take a break.

Wheelchair Use

Your mom may need a wheelchair eventually. Her occupational therapist can teach her how to navigate daily activities when a wheelchair is required. Your mom will learn how to take a shower when she needs a shower seat. She’ll learn how to open the refrigerator, get on and off the toilet, or get in and out of bed.

Bring Occupational Therapists to Your Mom

Have you considered having occupational therapists come to your mom’s home? If it’s getting hard to get her out of the house for her therapy sessions, talk to a home health care agency about occupational therapy at home. She enjoys the benefits her OT sessions offer, and you don’t have to coordinate transportation with your work schedule.

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