What Is Your Dad Finding More Difficult to Complete?

Let’s face it. Aging can bring new challenges and complications that no one expected. A chronic health condition like high blood pressure has your dad taking prescription medications each day. Those pills cause dizziness, so he’s having a much harder time doing routine chores like vacuuming, standing up from a chair, or doing the laundry.

When your dad wants to remain in the family home, it’s important that he has the support to do that. It’s time to listen to your dad about the tasks he’s having difficulty completing to ensure he has the support he needs from a senior home care agency.


Senior Care Galt, CA: Help at Home

Senior Care Galt, CA: Help at Home

Older homes often have a laundry room in the basement. To get to the washer and dryer, your dad has to walk down the narrow stairs while carrying a hamper or basket. As those stairs are dimly lit, it’s not the easiest of tasks.

You worry about him doing the laundry and ask him to wait until your visit. That may not be convenient for him, but you can have senior home care aides stop by each week to do the laundry for him.

His caregiver can change the sheets, gather the used towels, and put them in the washing machine with his clothes. When everything is dry, his caregiver folds items and puts them where they go.


Some household chores can be challenging as you age. A heavier vacuum is difficult to carry up and down the stairs. Balancing the vacuum on the stairs while cleaning them is too hard for your dad to do. He may have a hard time seeing what he’s already dusted and what he hasn’t.


Diminishing vision and slower reaction times make it unsafe for your dad to drive. But, if he’s not driving, who takes him to the store when he needs milk? How does he get to his hair salon, doctor’s office, or dental practice?

It’s time to address having a caregiver available to drive him around town. You can do it, but it’s unlikely you can drop everything for the unexpected trip to the grocery store when he’s run out of something. He may not be able to wait.


Meals are one of the areas that older people struggle with. Several reasons may be impacting your dad’s interest or ability in cooking for himself. First, after years of cooking meals for his family, cooking for one just isn’t appealing. It’s easier to get a frozen dinner and microwave it.

Second, your dad may be having a difficult time adjusting to the dietary recommendations his doctor has given him. He needs to avoid saturated fat, added sugar, and sodium. Even something as simple as Italian dressing can contain all of those in excessive quantities. Making items from scratch is best, but it’s also time-consuming.

Third, your dad may not like eating by himself. Why cook a balanced meal when he’s alone? It’s important to address those three concerns and make sure your dad has the support he needs at mealtime.

Your dad shouldn’t have to struggle with his daily routines. When it’s challenging to do simple tasks like cooking a meal, driving his car, or doing the weekly laundry, make sure he has the support he needs. Senior home care services are ideal for ensuring he maintains his independence.

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