When Is it Time for Your Senior to Worry about Memory Loss?

Memory concerns are often a huge issue for aging adults because there’s always that worry that these small memory lapses might mean that there’s something bigger lurking. So, with that in mind, when is it time for your elderly family member to truly worry about her memory issues? There might not be a hard and fast answer that works for everyone, but the key is to take a closer look at what your senior’s memory issues are first and foremost.

Sooner Is Always Better

In-Home Care Fair Oaks, CA: Memory Loss

In-Home Care Fair Oaks, CA: Memory Loss

The big answer to the question of when your senior should talk to her doctor about memory loss is as soon as she’s concerned at all. The sooner your elderly family member mentions her feelings to her doctor, the sooner she can determine if there is a reason for her to be worried. Ruling out issues is always the way to go.

What’s Normal Aging?

Now, it’s also important to know what the normal memory issues are with aging. Even younger adults sometimes have memory lapses and issues with remembering what they want to remember. If the issues she’s experiencing with her memory are happening occasionally, they’re probably not anything that she needs to truly worry about. Again, talking with her doctor as soon as she’s concerned about her memory is the best answer because it ensures that she’ll figure out whether there’s truly a reason for those feelings.

Signs of Bigger Trouble

There are other signs that there might be more going on with her memory, though. If your elderly family member is getting lost in familiar settings or frequently losing track of items in her home, she might have more cause to be worried. Repetitive storytelling or having more trouble with problem-solving and decision-making are also causes for concern. 

Having Help Is a Good Idea

Ultimately, if your elderly family member is worried about memory or anything else at all, in-home care services can be a good answer. Your senior will feel more secure having home care providers there with her. You’re also likely to have more peace of mind knowing that caregivers are there to support your senior. In-home care providers can offer a lot of assistance with daily tasks and can help your senior to spot potential signs of trouble.

Try to Help Your Senior Worry Less

Worrying about memory issues and what they might mean won’t help the situation at all. It’s easy enough to tell your elderly family member to just stop worrying, but actually making that happen isn’t so simple. Work with her to find solutions that help her to feel more secure. Having access to solutions that improve her overall quality of life can help her to face the changes she’s experiencing in all of the areas of her life with as much grace as possible. 

Dealing with memory worries is never easy. What helps if to make sure that your elderly family member feels as supported as possible while she lives her life on her own terms.

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