When Should Your Senior Mom or Dad Stop Driving?

It’s never easy to take away a senior’s keys, but it’s sometimes essential. Family caregivers must keep an eye on their elderly loved ones to see whether driving is still a safe activity. Often seniors do not want to give up driving because they feel this will limit their independence, so you should have solutions ready to go. Professionals like home care assistance may be the best solution for your senior who needs to give up driving. Here are some frequent warning signals that indicate to caregivers and home care assistance that their elderly parents should not drive.

When a Senior Has Vision Impairment

Home Care Services Elk Grove, CA: Seniors and Driving

Home Care Services Elk Grove, CA: Seniors and Driving

With age, the eye muscles lose flexibility, putting seniors at risk of visual loss. Older persons with poor eyesight may struggle to concentrate on things and execute duties like driving. Seniors unable to recognize objects and persons on the side of the road or properly read a speedometer will be unable to drive without endangering their own and others’ safety. Whether your loved one is having difficulty seeing clearly, take him or her to an eye doctor to examine if he or she has glaucoma, cataracts, or another health condition that causes vision to worsen.

Prescription Medication and Side Effects

Seniors are more likely to develop age-related ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis as they age. Living with these disorders may need the administration of many drugs each day. These medications’ adverse effects might include sleepiness, disorientation, tremors, or impaired vision, jeopardizing one’s ability to drive safely. Inquire with your loved one’s doctor about alternate therapies. Otherwise, your loved one should refrain from driving while taking drugs.

Multiple Traffic Tickets

A simple traffic warning might be all that your loved one needs to know to stop driving. Examine your loved one’s mail and bank accounts to check whether they have been called to court or have had to pay traffic fines. Whether your loved one’s insurance premiums rise, check with the provider to determine if it’s due to traffic violations. When driving tickets become common, you may need to take your parent’s keys away. You can make a move easier by locating transportation options that your loved one can use.

Accidents That Result In Damages to the Car

Bumps and dents on a car are not natural wear and tear. They are frequently the result of a careless motorist. Check outside your parent’s automobile a few times weekly for damage. Seniors who have trouble driving are more likely to be involved in events that result in nicks and dents on their automobiles. Take the keys away from your loved one immediately to avoid a major injury or accident. Offer to drive your loved one to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, community activities, and any place they need to go throughout the week.

Even if your loved one cannot drive, they may maintain a high degree of freedom with the assistance of companion care at home. The point of these services is to ensure they can remain at home for as long as possible without feeling like a burden to the family.

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