Why Companion Care Is Essential for Your Widowed Dad

Since your mom died, your dad is struggling to take care of himself and his home. You don’t live close by, and you have a family to take care of. When you’re busy at work, helping your children, and trying to have time to yourself, how do you also take care of your dad?

It’s time to look into companion care at home. Your dad has support and companionship from his caregiver. You can stop by when you have time, but you’re not stressed that you’re too busy to help your dad when he needs you. His caregiver is there to help him with his daily routines.

He Stays Active

Companion Care at Home West Sacramento, CA: Companion Care and Seniors

Companion Care at Home West Sacramento, CA: Companion Care and Seniors

When your dad has companion care at home services, he stays active. His caregiver can drive him to stores and area businesses. He needs exercise, and his caregiver is there to join him for a walk through the park or around his neighborhood.

Your dad’s caregiver can encourage him to complete physical therapy exercises or attend a Yoga class. His caregiver can set him up with a beginner’s video.

He Has Company

When your dad has a caregiver stopping by regularly, he has someone to talk to. He has someone around to eat a meal with, join for walks, or run errands with. Your dad may hate going to the doctor’s office alone. He has a caregiver there for moral support while he waits.

He Eats Well

Because your dad has someone to talk to while he eats, he’s more likely to eat a full meal. Plus, his caregiver can cook him meals that are balanced and contain plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and protein. He’ll enjoy the right nutrients without all of the added sugar, saturated fat, and sodium.

He Has Help With Housework

As he ages, your dad has a harder time with housework. He can vacuum carpets on the main level of his floor, but carrying a vacuum up the stairs to the stairs and the bedrooms is too difficult. His caregiver does it for him.

He may have a hard time making his bed or changing the sheets. His caregiver can do that and do the laundry, make sure the sheets are clean and dry, and put them away. The same thing happens with his towels each week. His and bathroom towels are swapped as often as needed and replaced with clean ones.

Your dad’s caregiver can also sweep hardwood floors, dust furnishings, wipe down counters and faucet handles, and wash dishes. When dishes are clean and dry, the caregiver puts them where they belong.

Talk to a companion care at home advisor to get answers to your questions. You’ll learn more about the services in your dad’s town, the prices, and the availability of caregivers. Whether he needs someone with him every day or simply needs help once a week, companion care at home is the perfect answer.

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