Why Do Elderly Couples Often Need Home Care Assistance?

Aging at home may be your parents’ goals, but sometimes a helping hand is needed to make sure everything goes as planned. Home care assistance helps older adults with ADLs and IADLs. The common reasons that older adults require home care is to ensure they:

  • Get out of bed safely
  • Take a shower and dress appropriately for the weather

    Home Care Assistance Lodi, CA: Home Care Assistance and Couples

  • Take medications as directed
  • Eat meals and snacks
  • Keep the home clean and organized
  • Do laundry regularly
  • Shop for groceries
  • Eat appropriate meals and snacks
  • Get to appointments on time

Those are some of the reasons home care is important as your parents age at home. Stop and take the time to look at their daily routine and determine where they require help. These are the signs that home care is needed.

Your Mom Fell While Getting Out of the Shower

After taking her shower, your mom stepped over the side of the tub and lost her balance. She’s okay, but it’s apparent that her grab bars aren’t enough. By scheduling caregivers to be available while she showers, she’ll have a caregiver to help support her while she steps out of the bathtub.

An Eye Doctor Told Your Dad to Stop Driving

After his last eye exam, his doctor recommended that he hand over his keys. His vision’s deteriorated to the point he no longer has the vision needed to drive safely. He needs someone to escort him around town on shopping days, appointment days, and social outings.

Your Parents Are Eating Way Too Much Takeout

You stop by and find your parents’ trash can is filled with Chinese takeout containers. You learn that’s all they’ve eaten this week. As it’s high in sugar, saturated fat, and sodium, you know it’s exactly what their doctors told them to stop eating due to chronic health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

When you ask your parents about their meals and snacks, they admit they don’t feel comfortable cooking. It’s too hard to carry a heavy pot or baking dish, so they’d rather have a restaurant cook for them. It’s time to talk to them about having caregivers available to cook meals for them.

Talk to a home care assistance expert if your mom and dad are having a more challenging time with housekeeping, meals, laundry, transportation, or medications. The specialist is happy to help you understand pricing and assist you in arranging the home care assistance your parents need. Call to learn more.

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