Your Mom is Active, So What’s the Point of In-Home Care?

Your mom is still very active. She’s mobile and enjoys cooking. When she mentions her sister’s caregiver, you insist she doesn’t need in-home care. She’s not the right candidate. Are you sure you’re right?

In-home care helps aging adults remain independent. Your mom doesn’t have to be ill or frail. She can have home care aides to help her with many tasks. Check out all that home care aides help with.

Providing Medication Reminders

In-Home Care in Elk Grove, CA: Benefits of In-Home Care

In-Home Care in Elk Grove, CA: Benefits of In-Home Care

Your mom likely takes medications. Whether it’s prescription or over-the-counter pills, she needs to take them on time. She may forget from time to time, impacting her health.

Hire home care aides to remind her when to take her next dose. She won’t miss a pill or take a doubled dose after forgetting she’d already taken them.

Caregivers can also track how many pills she has left. If it’s time to refill them, her in-home care aides can help her order refills and get to the pharmacy.

Help With Housework

Not all housework is easy to do on your own. If your mom has difficulty lifting a vacuum up and down the stairs, caregivers can help her.

She may not be comfortable walking up and down a flight of stairs while carrying a laundry hamper. If she feels unsafe, hire caregivers to do the laundry once a week.

You might learn that your mom likes having someone else handle household chores like sanitizing surfaces, dusting, and mopping floors. She can be active and not feel capable of doing some of these chores. Her caregiver can do them.

Assistance With Transportation

Does your mom still drive a car? Arthritis in the neck and back can make it difficult to turn fully. Being able to check her blindspots is essential for safe driving. She might not have excellent peripheral vision, so her eye doctor recommends she hands over the keys.

A professional caregiver can drive her to stores, medical offices, and other area businesses if she can’t drive. It enables her to go out without relying on you to get the day off.

Companionship From Caregivers

How big is your mom’s circle of friends? After she retired, did her co-workers stop including her in gatherings? Did neighbors move away to be close to their grandchildren? If your mom’s social circle is shrinking, she could be lonely.

In-home care isn’t just for people who are bedridden or disabled. Hire caregivers to keep your mom company. She may be active, but it can be limiting if you aren’t supposed to drive and don’t have friends close by. 

Caregivers provide companion care, meaning your mom has a friend stopping by regularly. She can join her caregiver for a walk, a trip to local museums, or games at home. Call an in-home care specialist to make arrangements.


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