Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

As your senior parent ages, you may be worried about their health. You may not know if they’re getting enough exercise or staying motivated enough to walk every day. Although you can’t force your parents to get out and about, you can encourage them to make healthy life choices and start by sharing all of the benefits they will receive by walking more. Even 20 minutes a day can drastically impact their health. 


If you think your parents need more help while aging in place or need someone to attend walks with them, then it is time to look into hiring professional elder care. This can help a senior age in place and a person who can remind them about their routines that they like. Not all seniors need elder care but it can benefit almost everyone. 

Benefits of Walking

Elder Care Galt, CA: Benefits of Walking

Elder Care Galt, CA: Benefits of Walking

In contrast to common assumptions, exercising doesn’t have to be time-consuming. For some individuals, going to the gym and working out for hours a day may be the solution, but for the vast majority of people, it isn’t feasible. Maintaining an active lifestyle, no matter how many birthdays you’ve had, is the best way to keep your body strong and healthy, no matter how old you are. Elderly people who walk every day might get the following advantages.

Better Heart Health

As we become older, many individuals are concerned about their cardiovascular health. The increased heart rate that comes with walking at a quick pace regularly lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart attacks. The risk of stroke and diabetes may be reduced as well. Walking is not only good for staying strong; it is the best way to keep your heart working. 

Walking Lowers Blood Pressure

Walking may naturally lower blood sugar levels after a meal when the body experiences a surge in blood sugar. If you go for a 15-minute walk just after eating, your body may utilize the elevated blood sugar to help digest your food and develop your muscles instead. You may discover that insulin works better as well.

Walking May Actually Reduce Pain

You might be wondering how moving more reduces pain. The truth is pain will only get worse if you stop moving. It may seem impossible for someone with joint pain to walk for even 30 minutes at a time, but walking is an excellent low-impact exercise for the body and a great approach to alleviating chronic pain. Walking may help relieve arthritis pain by lubricating joints like your knees and back. It also helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints, which reduces the strain on the joints. Walking is also a great way to avoid physical infirmity and the subsequent requirement for long-term care for the elderly. Regular walking exercises the main muscular groups, making them stronger and more resilient to injury.

It Will Improve Mental Health

The endorphins generated during physical activity have been shown to increase mood while lowering anxiety in people with mental diseases. In addition, even if you don’t suffer from a mood illness, endorphins might help you feel better. With the endorphins and oxygen provided by walking, a more upbeat frame of mind is more likely.

It Helps Boost Immunity

Have you been looking to keep your senior mom from getting sick? Walking might be the answer. According to a study, regular walkers are less prone to illness than those who don’t exercise at all. Walking is one of the best methods to keep your immune system strong as you become older and better able to fight off common infections.

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