Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

Elder Care Galt, CA: Benefits of Walking

Although you can’t force your parents to get out and about, you can encourage them to make healthy life choices and start by sharing all of the benefits they will receive by walking more.

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Top Causes for Mini-Strokes

Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who will have a mini stroke. Family caregivers often worry about larger strokes in their elderly loved ones. However, it is just as important to know more about mini-strokes. Learning about the causes of these strokes can help you to prevent them in your elderly loved one. Having Hypertension…

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Tips for Seniors Thinking about Adopting a Cat

Cats can be the “purr-fect” companion for a lonely senior, offering companionship, love, and a whole host of health benefits. Studies show that seniors with cats tend to be more social, more active and less depressed than those without pets. They tend to get up, talk and smile more often when a cat is around.…

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