Top Causes for Mini-Strokes

Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who will have a mini stroke. Family caregivers often worry about larger strokes in their elderly loved ones. However, it is just as important to know more about mini-strokes. Learning about the causes of these strokes can help you to prevent them in your elderly loved one.

Having Hypertension

Elder Care Galt, CA: Seniors and Mini Strokes

One of the main causes of mini strokes in the elderly is hypertension. When someone has high blood pressure, it can damage their arteries. If the arteries burst or even tear, a blood clot can cause a stroke. If your elderly loved one currently has high blood pressure, make sure you or an elder care provider helps them to manage it. This can be done by eating right, exercising, regularly monitoring blood pressure levels, and having a healthy sleep schedule. If your elderly loved one can do these things their risk of having a mini stroke will significantly decline.

Having Blocked Blood Vessels

As people get older, their blood vessels and heart will change. Sometimes, the changes are minor and barely noticeable. However, other elderly people may have blocked blood vessels. If your elderly loved one’s blood vessels are blocked, eating healthier, exercising regularly, and managing their stress levels can help to relieve this issue. If this issue isn’t handled, it may put too much strain on their heart and lead to a stroke.

Having High Cholesterol Levels

Another cause of mini strokes is having high cholesterol. When there is fatty deposit buildup in your elderly loved one’s brain due to high cholesterol levels, they have a higher risk of experiencing a mini stroke. This is because the buildup decreases blood flow throughout the body and brain. When this happens, oxygen levels are also decreased, so nutrients aren’t able to reach the brain as well as they should be. If your elderly loved one currently has high cholesterol levels, you and elder care providers can help them. You can do this by encouraging them to do cardio exercises and giving reminders to take any medications their doctor has them on.


Many family caregivers think about what will happen if their elderly loved one has a stroke. However, it is also important to think about the risk your elderly loved one has for a mini stroke. For example, if they have hypertension, blocked blood vessels, or high cholesterol levels, they will have a much higher risk for mini strokes. The good news is that if these issues are present in your elderly loved one, you and elder care providers can help them to manage or get rid of them.

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